Harris Roofing Company

Harris Roofing Company

484 Aurora Dr Brick, NJ 08723


Spring Lake:


Point Pleasant:


Here's the check as promised. Thanks for such a nice job—I hope you'll use me as a reference so that I can tell others (in addition to those I've already told) about what a nice job you're doing!

Mr. Theo Culbertson
Dear Tom,
Thank you so very much for a most beautiful roof. The workmanship of your crew is certainly a testament to your outstanding company. Although Fred told us there is a tremendous difference in the abilities of roofers, we were amazed to be able to see the difference. Our roof is proof that all roofers are not created equal! We truly appreciate your kindness and generosity in pricing our roof along with the exceptional quality of your crews' workmanship. You will always be recommended highly and remembered gratefully.

Fondly, Daryl and Greg
Dear Tom,
Please accept my apology for not sending your bill to my sister in Florida until today. I have been ill since I left home and did not take care of my personal matters until today. My sister has your address and will send your check direct to you. You should receive it in about 6 days. Again, please excuse this delay—it is entirely my fault. If I am well enough, I may go to my home next week or soon after for a few days. If I do this, I'll phone you. Thank you for all of your promptness, and for your very nice work.

Mr. W.E. Kilpatrick
Dear Mr. Harris,
Enclosed is your check for $2,500 for completion of my roof. I'm well pleased and would gladly give a reference if you ever need one. See you again in 2022!

Katherine M. Hawkins
Dear Mr. Harris,
Enclosed is a check in the amount of $3,100 representing the balance due for the installation of a new roof at 227 Cedar Avenue in Allenhurst. Work has been finished, and this check completes payment in full. On this date, I called your office and left a message requesting the following: 1. Warranty information to be completed and submitted to GAF covering the Timberline Ultra series. 2. The northerly most ridge on the porch roof (which wraps around onto Page Avenue) was not trimmed and seems to be sitting high on the shingles. Please have this checked out. Thank you very much for completing this work in such a timely and professional manner. I would not hesitate to recommend your services for other residential roofing projects.

Very truly yours,
Peter R. Avakian
Nov. 2009

Dear Mr. Harris:
Thank you so much to you and your workers for the beautiful job that you did on our South Court home. Our best to all of you for a good holiday season!

Gisela and Michael
Please find payment for roof enclosed. Thank you for all of your advice and help. You did a great job.
Thanks Again,

April 29, 2009

Many thanks for a great roof job. Enclosed is my check for the balance due.
We will be happy to recommend your company to others.

Tom Klue
May 20, 2009

Harris Construction Co.
484 Aurora Dr.
Brick, NJ 08723
Dear Mr. Harris,

Just got home from Pittsburgh and once again we were awed by the fantastic job you did on our roof. I just wanted to thank you again for the prompt, speedy, neat, clean and professional job you did. We are so glad we took your advice and went with the thicker shingles; it made a world of difference in looks.

Being a contractor myself I believe I may be extra critical when dealing with other contractors. You have met or exceeded all of my expectations.

When I was young my mentor taught me to do my job in a manner where at completion I could (and did) step back and say "A thing of beauty shall be a joy forever." Well, that night when I got home from work and stood in front of our home I said to my wife "A thing of beauty shall be a joy forever."

John J. Ryan
Tom Harris,
484 Aurora Dr.
Brick, NJ 08723
October 29, 2009


This sale fell through but the improvements will make re-marketing the house much easier. If you would send a receipt, we will probably never require it, but if the house does not sell in 2010 it will be taxed differently and the receipt may be handy.

Thanks for the quick response and getting the right job at a great price. You can always use me for a recommendation.

Bill Kaminski